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Friday, April 1, 2011


by VF                                                                           Preview         Download Now

Prepared to display high resolution product photos, maps and any image or Flash swf. Can be implemented anywhere in a webpage or opened through standalone flash player. Automatically resizable to fit within the dimension specified in HTML file and even to fill the full browser window. Button controls available for zoom, pan and to reset the position of image.

  • Can be dragged using Mouse.
  • Can be zoomed using Mouse Wheel (for windows only)
  • You can enable/disable the functionalities through available settings.
  • Can specify your own canvas width and height.
  • Supports Flash player version 8.0 and above.
  • Both AS2 and AS3 versions included with separate source files (Flash 8,9)
  • Fully editable MCs, No compiled Clips.
  • Commented Action script and xml file.
Both the following versions of files included with deliverables:

  1. Fully Editable Flash Source
    Flash source file included so that a designer / developer with basic knowledge in Adobe Flash can customize the settings and design if needed. Of course, the image can also be added directly in to Flash library if preferred.
  2. Flash Source + XML file to adjust settings
    No knowledge on Flash needed. All the settings can be made without editing the flash. The image file link and all the necessary values are received from the XML file. You can even change the button color, transparency and location of buttons through the XML file.
Here is the list of available dynamic settings:
  1. Image can be loaded outside from Flash. Either you can specify the file path through XML or through Flash variables method from the html file.
  2. Amount (speed) of zoom and speed of movement in response to the buttons can be adjusted.
  3. The initial zoom percentage and alignment can be set.
  4. Adjustable Easing value (smoothness of movement and zoom)
  5. Maximum allowed zoom level is adjustable.
  6. Alignment and location of the control buttons
  7. Color and transparency of Button and its background
  8. The Mouse Drag option and Position buttons can be disabled (if preferred)

Keywords : 
black, gray, zoom, pan, zoom-pan, image viewer, image navigator, map viewer,product viewer, 

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