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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spinning 3D Earth Globe

by cesgra                                                                           Preview         Download Now

Real 3D globe (not just one flat map animated);
Smooth animation based on 72 frames;
100% scalable vector;
Translucent globe;
One movieclip contains all graphic elements. Simply drag and drop;
Included AS code for 9 versions of the globe (as seen in the preview);
Easy to customize (with or without actionscript):
globe elements colors;
globe elements transparency;
Instructions included (readme.pdf)


Not Found !


Flash FLA
HTML Files

Customer support

Instructions included (readme.pdf)
Additional support by e-mail or this site.

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Flash Percentage Preloader

by collis                                                                        Preview         Download Now


This little preloader uses actionscript to make the movement smoother than a regular percentage based loader. It calculates values between where the bar is currently and where it needs to be based on how much is now loaded and then animates between them giving a smooth polished feel.


And its easy to drop in before your file.


Not Found !


Info Not Available

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Designer's Portfolio

by Webmarbles                                                                          Preview         Download Now


Designer’s Portfolio features a unique fullscreen xml website template with great motion, a clean design and deeplinking support. This template comes with over 65 predefined settings in config.xml, total freedom in the setup of your pages and a user manual counting 40 pages.

Background variety on Designer's Portfolio

I have received some questions about how easy it is to manipulate the colors in Designer’s Portfolio. The answer is: very easy! Practically all colors are controlled by external xml settings. This image shows a variety that took just a few minutes to create:

Color variety on Designer's Portfolio



All project and news thumbnails are loaded before entering the website, this ensures a smooth user experience;
Set the border size and color or simply switch it off;
With 36 xml controlled color tags, all colors in the website are controlled in an external xml file!


Complete freedom in the order and number of main buttons and which templates to attach to those buttons;
Hide the logo, insert your own logo or adjust the current logo;
The header adjusts its vertical position to the height of the content.


Use HTML to customize the footer text;
Toggle fullscreen mode;
Turn on and off the background music and set the visibility of the equalizer.


Turn on and off the interface sound fx;
Load a single mp3 or a complete playlist;
Listen to the music fading in and out between songs and when set to pause.


Deeplinking allows the visitor to use the back and forward button of the browser. Even more important: it’s possible to directly access a certain page or project in the website itself. All animations on the website are made to check whether a visitor has just entered the website or is already surfing it.

There are 6 available templates to use for this website:


Unlimited amount of news items;
Set your own headlines and use the cool way to scroll them through your screen;
Use basic HTML tags for the texts;
With deeplinking it is possible to directly access projects from your headlines using HTML links.


Unlimited amount of projects;
Scroll through the thumbnails in a unique way;
Autocenter when stopped dragging;
When opening a project the project is able to show images, videos and swf files;
Scrollbar adjusts to content height vs. screen height;
Music fades away when playing videos;
See popup descriptions when rolling over the media items;
Zoom in on images with a custom cursor.

Large texts:

Create larger pieces of text;
Define whether it should be divided into 1 or 2 columns;
Scrollbar adjusts to content height vs. screen height;
The text supports HTML tags, CSS decorated hyperlinks, special characters and image support.


Set the contact details simply by adjusting an xml file;
Easily customize the contact form to your needs;
PHP file for sending contact info included.

Insert your own SWF :

Be able to insert your own Flash movie to the website;
The scrollbar will adjust to the height of your SWF .

Use external links:

Easily create external links in the main navigation.


* Update (28th of April 2009): Some bugs fixed and functionality added:

Being able to show loaders for all project items;
Fixed a bug enabling to show images in the 2 columns text component;
Added a fixed dimensions HTML example of the website to the package.

* Update (24th of April 2009): Major update with bugs fixed and much functionality added:

Added the ability to directly open a large image from the thumbnails (as you can see in the preview thumbnail “Direct Big Picture” );
It’s now possible to have variable sized images in the project detail page;
Added 24 (!) color tags to the existing color tags making it possible to set the color of every detail in Designer’s Portfolio;
Added the option to easily switch on and off the following things: (1) vertical motion of the thumbnails; (2) uppercase characters on the main menu buttons; and (3) uppercase characters on the page titles;
By leaving the color tag empty have transparant thumbnail backgrounds;
Made the news thumbnails clickable and enabled for internal and external linkage;
Updated the user manual and much more!

* Update (21st of April 2009): Some bugs fixed and functionality added:

Made it possible to have the top of the website fixed instead of variable;
It’s possible to have a background image instead of the gradient background!;
Set whether you want that background image to scale with the site or have it fixed;
Made some updates to the user manual;
Made the border in the preview pink to show that it is possible to change it’s color, size or simply remove it!


Flash FLA
ActionScript AS
XML Files
HTML Files
CSS Files
JS Files
PHP Files
.fla files with all code commented and all library items efficiently named;
All assets used for the demo as shown here;
User manual counting 40 pages.

Fonts used are Verdana and Century Gothic which are not included in the download package. Pictures by Mark Lenssen. Background music by ADG3studios. Thanks guys!


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

XML Template

by shuhankuang                                                                          Preview         Download Now

This XML Template has been specifically designed to be easily customized with all pages driven by XML which means you can update the pages without opening the FLA .

Full XML Driven
Deeplinking using SWFAddress & SWFFit feature
XML Two Level Navigation
XML Slideshow
XML News Viewer
XML Image Gallery
XML Video Gallery
Text & Images Content fully customizable from the xml file
XML Contact Form (PHP)
Clean Design

Not Found !

Flash FLA
ActionScript AS
XML Files
HTML Files
PHP Files

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Paint Book

by mirrormx                                                                          Preview         Download Now

Fully customizable Coloring Book with resizable animated layout, undo, redo, save, print and full screen options.

This coloring book script allows you to load any type of images Flash supports and treat them as a coloring pages. You can specify color palette used, border colors (which shouldn’t be painted) and unlimited number of pictures. Additionally, you are able to change app background, coloring page background, toolbar background & icons & tooltips and some settings about their size and position. All mentioned settings can be modified without any Flash/ActionScript knowledge, in terms of XML configuration file.

It’s strongly resizable. Script can even fit some smartphone devices screens!

Fully resizable animated layout
Coloring page automaticly fits window size
Functionality to eliminate Anti-Aliasing letting you use Anti-Aliased images without previous modification
Full screen mode
Toolbar icons tooltips (you can use them for all buttons, some of them or none if you preffer)
Specify tooltips font size and color
Load as many pictures as you want
Unlimited number of Undo operations
Unlimited number of Redo operations
Save functionality
Print functionality
Two kinds of layouts: horizontal and vertical
Specify background image with tiled, stretched or scaled display mode
You can define your own color palette (featuring transparency) and border colors that don’t get painted
Fully customizable toolbar buttons (specify number of them, their order, icons and tooltips)
Change image used for brush mouse cursor
Change toolbar background style (5 styles included!)
Use image as a background for transparent coloring pages
Preloaded image thumbnails

Not Found !!

Flash FLA
ActionScript AS
XML Files
HTML Files

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Flash Flip Countdown Clock

by ufoufoufo                                                                          Preview         Download Now

Stylish flip conutdown clock ,vector based and resizeable, you can fully customize text color, bg color, bg shadow alpha, target time text, and target timezone in xml file, and Support event onFinish

1. Customize all style and properties in xml file
2. Vector based
3. Resizeable
4. Text color
5. Bg color
6. Bg shadow alpha
7. Target time text
8. Target timezone
9. Support event onFinish

08 September 10 – add one more style (light style)

ActionScript AS
Flash FLA
HTML Files
JS Files
XML Files

flash flip conutdown timer, flash flip countdown clock, countdown clock, countdown timer, Countdown as3 clock, digital clock, resizeable clock, clock

Flash Product Viewer

by Webmarbles                                                                           Preview         Download Now

360° Product Viewer enables you to create a 360° product application with no Actionscript knowledge required! By inserting a number of images with views from different angles of the product the file automatically adjusts to create the interactive viewer.

Very easy implementation!
Rotation by mouse control, keyboard arrow keys and mousewheel!
Label angles (e.g. side views);
Small file size (excluding the images);
Grabhand cursor (optional);
Setting a zoom range;
Adding hotspots for product details;
Playback functionality.

Enable/disable the following properties:

Inertia of the object (give it a swing!);
Blur of the object while spinning;
The object’s reflection;
Blur of the object’s reflection;
The object spinning in when starting up the movie;
Draggable object (disable when only using playback);
Grabhand cursor.

Change properties:

The amount of images (more images provide a smooth rotation);
Speed of spinning;
Amount of inertia;
Mousewheel functionality (can be set to object rotation, zoom and no functionality).


A zoom range can be set between which the object can zoom by using a setZoom method. Detailed information is provided about how to enable zooming.

Playback functionality:

Use three different methods: one step forward, one step back and setPlayback to a certain position. Detailed information is provided about how to use playback.

Adding hotspots:

Adding hotspots (like the one in the preview) in order to see a product detail is very easy to do. Detailed information is provided about how to set hotspots.

* Update (17th of March 2009): added an extra hotspot to the preview for users to have a live preview of how it works, added two more playback buttons, fixed the bug of the grabhand becoming blurry!

* Some new updates (26th of January 2009): added a decent preloader to the file and also added 2 pages of new user information to the user manual!

* Some major updates are added in bold (16th of January 2009)! The object now supports zoom, playback, hotspots and a fancy grabhand cursor! Check out the exact features and updates below!

Flash 8 (8+)
Flash CS3 (9+)
Flash CS4 (10+)

Source file containing the preview as shown;
Source file containing the preview in a default setting;
SWF preview files;
PDF containing a detailed description on how to use the object;
PDF containing Frequently Asked Questions.

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Slot Machine

by biteMedia                                                                           Preview         Download Now

An all-vector, scaleable, slot machine game reminiscent of the old-style 1-payline, 3-reel, 6-icon machines.
An XML configuration file controls:

button colors (off, up, over states)
individual sound effect levels (spin, stop, coin drop, handle pull, winner loop)

It is possible to change the following within Flash:

Payout amounts for each winning spin
Payout odds by adjusting an array containing each reel’s icon frequency. So for example, you could increase the likelihood of a ‘777’ jackpot by increasing the number of 7s on each reel’s icon array.
The slot machine’s vector reel icons
The slot machine’s ‘skin’
Money/Credit initial and reset amount

The file uses a Flash-based Shared Object ‘cookie’ to store the user’s score.

Payout amounts for each winning spin
Payout odds by adjusting an array containing each reel’s icon frequency. So for example, you could increase the likelihood of a ‘777’ jackpot by increasing the number of 7s on each reel’s icon array.
The slot machine’s vector reel icons
The slot machine’s ‘skin’
Money/Credit initial and reset amount
Note: for fun only – because the payout amounts and winning spin odds could possibly be spoofed, the file should not be used in any type of prize give-away situation.

All sound effects are licensed from AudioSparx

Not Found !

Info Not Available !

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Analogue Countdown Clock

by biteMedia                                                                           Preview         Download Now

Count down to your next event with this easy-to-use Flash Countdown.
An all-vector, scaleable Flash countdown clock movie (ActionScript 2.0). Counts down to a target date based on the user’s system clock. Multiple versions included: 4-day/hours/minutes/seconds, 3-day/hours/minutes/seconds, 2-day/hours/minutes/seconds and hours/minutes/seconds. An ‘end countdown’ function can be configured within Flash. View the file in action here.

Easily customizable: by editing an XML config file, you can adjust:

target year, month, date, minute, second
target date’s time-zone, relative to Greenwich Mean Time
number color
number background color
border colors
text label color
sound effect volume

Updated to version 1.1 – November 6, 2008:

fade in a text message after countdown reaches zero
redirect to another web page after countdown reaches zero

CSS Files
Flash FLA
HTML Files
JS Files
XML Files

countdown, count down, countdown clock, clock, flash countdown analog clock, flash countdown timer, countdown timer, digital timer, event timer, costmazible countdown timer, as3 countdown timer


by VF                                                                           Preview         Download Now

This is an XML banner rotator with automatic delay time depending on the number of words used in caption. There are more features, around 35 settings parameters available in the xml file.
- Can load JPEG , PNG, GIF images and SWF files
- Resizable to any extent
- Auto Time delay according to number of words (length of caption)
- Fixed time delay also can be added
- 5 Different Transition Effects
- Supports both Embedded and non embedded fonts
- Usual HTML formatting can be added to the non embedded fonts
- Also some of the HTML options works for embedded fonts.(example: Color, hyper link, line breaks, font size and many more)
- Adjustable line spacing and letter spacing
- Choice for sequential and random order
- Adjustable transition speed (for the “move” transition)
- Enable / disable buttons
- Enable / disable Auto play

UPDATE [27 NOV 2008 ] :
- BACK button added which can be enabled / disabled through xml file
- Options provided to display the NUMBER BUTTONS permanently
- Options to randomize the order of images

UPDATE [04 DEC 2008 ] :
- 4 more Transition Effects added.
- Options to make the NUMBER BUTTONS to align horizontal or vertical.
- PLAY / PAUSE options on clicking the Timer Clock.
- Ability to display the numbers ascending or descending order.

UPDATE [10 DEC 2008 ] :
- Ability to set background color / transparency for the blur area behind the caption.
- Options for random transition effects
- Options to resize the image automatically to fit within available area.

UPDATE [22 DEC 2008 ] :
- The numbers on Button can be changed into any text through xml file (but only for vertical button version)
- The text area can be aligned to top or bottom of the banner through xml
- The buttons can be aligned left or right through xml

UPDATE [29 JUNE 2009 ] :

- Option to set corner radius in xml to make the banner as a rounded rectangle.
- Option to stop playing after desired number of loops.
- Option to set margin for buttons.

UPDATE [01 AUG 2009 ] :
Previously, this banner had 2 different set of files for Embedded font version and Non-Embedded font version. Now it is made to single file and you can choose to embed or not through the xml paramater.

Fully editable Flash source in Flash 8.0 with AS2 . The buttons design and font can be changed easily through library symbols.
HTML Files
XML Files

auto play banner rotator, flash banner rotator, as2 banner rotator, flash slide show, image viewer, flash image viewer, as2 image slide show

Video Presentation

by codelite                                                                           Preview         Download Now

You can use this component for various video presentations.

You can jump in different sections of the video by clicking the thumbs.

Until the section of the video is loaded the thumb will be greyed out.

- resizable
- change settings through a XML file
- youtube video support
- flv, mp4, 3gpp, quicktime, mov
- change the colors of each element of the video player
- the wallpaper can be enabled or disabled
- supports custom made captions through an XML ( can be disabled )
- caption text supports HTML formatting

- OOP code
- documentation
- example files ( ready to custom & deploy )
Not Found !

Flash FLA
ActionScript AS
XML Files
HTML Files
JS Files
flash presentation player, youtube presentation player, as3 video player, as3 video, caption video, caption video player, subtitle video player

XML Calendar Events with Tool Tips & Custom Icons

by hussam                                                                         Preview         Download Now

XML driven calendar events can be used with any project, or stand alone clip. All data event and configuration settings are editable through xml. Color your events, with/without tool tips and +250 embedded vector icons

There are also a punch of configuration settings inside the fla to help customize the design even simpler.

Set event day colour through XML .
Set tool tips on/off through XML , up to 23 character.
Tool tips color linked to event colour.
Set event icon on/off through XML , +250 embedded vector icons.
PDF file contains all 250 icons numbered ( for easy pick up ).
Calendar size without embedded icons: 37kb and 96kb with +250 icons.
Currant day has an extra movie clip ( customize your own ).
Calendar can be navigated through months and years.
Return back to currant day after switching next month/year.
Each event has an image + URL + long paragraph text as you wish.
URL can be reach by clicking on event image + turn extra URL link on the corner through XML .
Hide event window.

Not Found !

Flash FLA
ActionScript AS
XML Files

xml driven calendar, flash calendar, appointment calendar flash, creative , as2 calendar, data calendar, events calendar, events

City - Full Template with All Items Included

by V4                                                                  Preview      Download Now

You can turn off the 3D Splash Intro of course via XML if you do not wish to use it. If somebody arrives on deep link, the 3D Splash Intro wont be shown. But these are just a very small part of the Flexibility what this Template gives you!

City – Full Template with All Items Included. The All Inclusive Package for your Website!
Like a modern city of today our template is flexible, adaptable to all requirements, exciting and different. Transport this feeling via all the modules and elements to your Website visitors.

Every asset except for the SWF examples “Urban Dancer” and the Minsk Intro SWF example you see in the preview is included in the download, even the Chop banner, the optional City Parallax Landing Page and the pics!

Our main objective while creating the City was to reach a high quality and versatile range of applications to allow the customer the maximum flexibility. We created a melting pot of modules and features: Enjoy the possibilities of our Videogallery to play unlimited Youtube or FLV /MP4 videos, or spice up your page by a nice Chop Banner combined with informative HTML content below, enjoy the drag&drop social bar, the multilanguage option, the SWF integration everywhere in the site, the perfect formated HTML blocks, inContent Videoplayer or Ken Burns Rotators, perfect formatable blocks and rows (like WP shortcodes), 2 image galleries, the 3 Level deeplinking for sharing your favorite pages or videos or images and more!

Clever Icons help the template to a clean navigation as you are used to by the other more sophisticated websites. (You dont have enough Icons in the Template? No Problem. you can purchase also our “Icon – Web Set” item at GraphicRiver to get more than a handful Icon Set. You wish to use the Template without the icons? No problem, only one setting in the XML ).

The whole website is 100% XML Driven. Each XML File contains comments and examples to help you in your customizing work. The HTML documentation will be your guide to wherever you want to go with this template.

Create new sites without limits. Take me down to the Version Four City!

City backgrounds on Graphicriver:

Items included, Chop Banner, Splash (Music free download at Free Royalty Free Music by
InContent Ken Burns Rotator.
InContent Videoplayer.
New Icon system for the Clever and Perfect Overview. Each menu, item, image, link can have an icon to help focusing for the customer.
Over 30 featurues in 9 Modules.
XML Driven, good strucutred XML Files. One for each page.
3 Level Deep Linking. Share an image / video with a direct link to the item.
Cross links between pages, and modulels (like Link from Banner to any item).
Unlimited(!) amount of pages (also without menus). Add more pages, and call the via Deep Link.
Intelligent 3d Menu and Submenus – stop Banner during mouse is over the Menu.
Focus Cover – During Menu and Subscribe functions the rest of the page become a dark cover.
Ken Burn Banner with great functions like progress Bar, thumbnails etc.
Row and Block based Styles. Clean, exact and easy to edit. Over 10 precreated Examples waiting for copy edit and to publish.
News Feeds (ATOM, RSS , XML Controlled News).
2 Different Thumbnail system for Image Galleries (horizontal or vertical Scrolled).
Image Gallery with Fullscreen Image Rotator. Always fit in the browser Window.
Image Gallery with Slideshow and HTML Formatted Info Function.
Video Gallery with unlimited(!) amount of thumbnails, videoplayer also in Fullscreen.
Video Gallery plays FLV , MP4, YouTube videos.
Contact Forms with two different Layouts.
ROWs with fixed size, and ROWs with endless width, to create Item lists, horizontal scrolled contents etc. (see our PriceBox Example under the menupoint "+").
Newsletter Subscribe / unsubscribe function.
Smart loader.
Smart Music handling. Volume Control.
Unlimited(!) amount of quotes.
New Backgrounds per page (colored, image based) Fit or Stretched.
And many more…

Not Found !!

Layered PNG, Layered PSD, Flash FLA, ActionScript AS, XML Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files

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